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Viko Yachts

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27 Şubat 2024 - 13:09

Viko Yachts

Viko Yachts is a company specializing in marine products such as sailing yachts, motor boats, marine equipment and steel structures. With 30 years of experience, it has a well-known and respected position in the Polish and international market.

The company maintains its success by prioritizing continuous improvement and cutting-edge design. It maintains its leadership in the industry by introducing new models and implementing pioneering solutions every year. Viko Yachts constantly improves the quality of its products by skillfully integrating technological innovations.

With its 10,500 square meters of modern production area and reliable machinery, Viko Yachts has a passionate and talented team. Producing more than 200 units each year, it reaches 3 main sales points and more than 30 dealers in Europe, providing comprehensive customer service.

Viko Yachts draws attention with its innovative models such as the Viko S 22, Viko S 30 and Viko S 21, a highly popular sports yacht series designed by the Italian studio SLYD di Sergio Lupoli. Additionally, it continues to expand its product range with new models such as Viko 35 and Viko 40.

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