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Momenta Yachts

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15 Şubat 2024 - 7:49

Momenta Yachts

Momenta Yachts is a subsidiary of İntekmar A.Ş., which has been operating in the automotive industry for many years. It was founded in 2012 by. İntekmar A.Ş. created the Momenta Yachts brand in order to transfer the industrial competence and composite technology it developed within itself to the maritime sector. Following the design studies, its first boat, the Momenta 36 Hard Top motor yacht, was launched in 2013.

In the following years, while the production of the Momenta 36 Motoryacht continued, a sailboat project was implemented in 2018. Within the scope of this project, cooperation was made with the world-famous design group Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group and the design was completed in 2018. Then production preparations began.

Momenta Yachts’ engineering and production team worked with great effort and care to develop its first sailing boat, the Momenta 45 model. This model was presented to users at CNR Boat Show 2020.

The company’s goal is to introduce all sea enthusiasts to Momenta Yachts by adding new models that reflect superior quality and advanced technology to its product range.

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