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A Story That Begins With Passion

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10 Ağustos 2023 - 10:25

A Story That Begins With Passion

İSATEK Fiber Boats: Name of Quality and Trust

Boat purchase, as İSATEK Fiber Boats, we are the right address for you. We are strengthening our leading position in the sector with the quality products and customer satisfaction we offer in our 41 years of love in the sector. We have enabled you to enjoy the seas with the services we offer you under the name of İSATEK BOAT.

Reliable Roots, Excellent Craftsmanship

With our 41 years of experience in the industry, as ISATEK Boat, we aim to offer products of the highest quality. We produce boats that you can use for many years with pleasure by shaping good materials expertly. Shaped for every future, our products are designed to offer you a privileged marine experience from the moment they are launched and from the moment they are launched.

Mehmet İSAbetLİ: A Story That Started With Passion

Our company founder Mehmet İSABETLİ succeeded in bringing ISATEK Yacht to life with his love and passion for the seas. Each boat is uniquely designed by the personal care and operation team. In Mehmet İSABETLİ’s description, we, as ISATEK Boat, give a different direction to maritime.

Performance and Security Unlimited Options

We equip our boats with the highest performance and safety standards. If speed, stability and security are important to you, you are at the right place. Our fishing, cruise or speedboat options provide the best fit for your needs. Our expert staff provides you with the best experience by determining the most suitable engine analysis for you.

Advantages of ISATEK Boats:

Double Skin and Quality Workmanship: To increase the durability of our boats and to protect the double skin and storage structures for long-lasting use.

Perfect Technical Support: We always offer you technical support to keep our boats working flawlessly.

Long Life and Low Maintenance Cost: Our boats, which we produce using quality products, offer long life and low maintenance costs.

Special storage options: We offer special storage options such as color preference, USB connection, fish finder on our boats.

Stainless Accessories: All our accessories are made in 316 chrome structure, so you will not have any rusting problems.

ISATEK Samba 570: A Dream on the Seas

ISATEK Samba 570 is an excellent option for touring, sporty driving and daily use. This product, which we have produced with our 42 years of experience, is a circular of our understanding of quality and principle. Enjoy the seas with Samba 570, where you can have pleasant moments with your friends and family.

Excellent Service, Outstanding Experience

Thanks to our free shipping service within Istanbul, our earnings reach you in safe hands. By visiting our showroom in Ümraniye, you can examine our products closely and observe the production line and quality.

Freedom of Color Choice and Warranty

Our boats offer a wide range of color options such as Turquoise, Dark Blue, Claret Red, Yellow, Orange, Gray striped and Complete single color. There is no charge for your color choice. In addition, all of our products used and offered for sale are CE certified, guaranteed for 2 years, and comply with European standards.

Meeting of Technology and Comfort

ISATEK Samba 570 provides resistance to waves with its long body. Thanks to the draft level, it does not fall out and combines touring and sporty use. We combine technology and comfort with features such as shower, interior lighting and sound system.

Engine Equipment and Performance

We equip our boats with engine brands that we combine for the best performance and safety. It works with reliable brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Mercury, Suzuki, Tohatsu. The 2023 model Samba 570 can be powered by an outboard long-life engine and can be used with a minimum power of 50 HP and a maximum of 115 HP. With these powerful engines, the Samba 570 can reach speeds of 25 Knots minimum and 55 Knots maximum.

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